Remote Monitoring Can Bust Operational Myths

Customer tells us “Static pressure never goes below 1000psi.” Our pumper goes by every day in the morning, checks the static pressure, never reports below 1000 psi” Upon installing remote monitoring, very quickly it became apparent that around 3 O’Clock each afternoon, static pressure would drop to about 300 psi. It was soon determined that the gas processing plant they were selling to would crank up compression subsequently drawing down the line pressure every afternoon for several hours. Given the times their reliable pumper was on location he could never see it. This was a gas injection situation. This loss in static pressure was effecting production and the producer was not getting the expected nor desired results. Their great, conscientious pumper was doing his job perfectly. But having continuous data  from their remotely monitored measurement they caught an…
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Any size producer can have immediate production data

Why Remote Monitoring
With the availability of wireless data any producer large or small can have production data wherever they are. With the dynamics of today's technologies remote monitoring and wellhead production data have never been more available on even the lowest volume producing well. While with any tool, there are always the optimal locations to begin implementation, in no time even having access to production data from even some stripper wells will be helping producers optimize production, better direct their field techs and enhance production, cash flow and revenue.
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